Crown Systemnode Setup

The process of setting up a remote CRW Systemnode may seem daunting but you only need to follow a few steps.

Start with the checklist and work your way through the steps.

Step 0 – Checklist

You will need the following.

  • 500.1 CRW coins. You only need 500 for your system node, but do need a bit more to make the transactions.
  • Latest version of the CRW wallet – check the Crown website for the official version
  • 10 minutes of your time

Step 1 – Enable Coin Control

Go to Settings, select Options, Wallet, and tick Enable Coin Control.

Step 2 – Create Receive Address

Select RECEIVE, Type your systemnode’s Alias into LABEL. Alias can be anything, we often go with SN1 or SN2 etc… Then click Request Payment.

Step 3 – Send 500 CRW to the new address

Copy the receiving address and close the pop-up window. Navigate to the “Send” screen and follow these steps:

  1. Paste the new address in “Pay To”
  2. Type 500 in “Amount”
  3. Click the Send button at the bottom left
  4. Click okay to confirm the transaction fee

Note: Do not alter the amount for fees, they will be added on top and send the amount in one single transaction.

If you have an existing system node, you MUST use COIN CONTROL so coins are not sent from an existing systemnode.

Step 4 – Email NODEshare your Address

You will receive an email with the title “Crown Systemnode Order Confirmation”. Simply reply to this email with your address from Step 2 in the message and send it back to us

Step 5 – Configure your local wallet

NODEshare will respond with a completed systemnode.conf file – it is the file you need to setup your end of the wallet.

You will need to open the Crown Folder in APPDATA. To reach this folder – start in File Explorer and follow the following tree:

This PC > OS (C:) > Users > Login Name > Appdata > Roaming > Crown

Paste the new data from the file received from NODEshare into systemnode.conf

If you can not see APPDATA – see this link on Microsoft for help. If you use an OS X wallet your directory will be in ~/Library/Application Support/Crown.

Step 6 – Restart wallet & Unlock the collateral

Re-open your wallet so the changes from the systemnode.conf take effect.

Select SEND and then Inputs. In list mode there is a lock next to your 500 CRW collateral amount.

Click on the lock – click on “unlock unspent” within the dropdown

Step 7 – Start Systemnode

Click the Systemnode Tab, select the alias and click “Start Missing”

A pop-up message will appear that the Systemnode was started successfully. Happy Dividends!

If you have errors. 1st Recheck your work.

If you get the “could not allocate vin error” – check coin control and make sure that 500 coins are in the specified address.