Crave Masternode Setup

Step 0 – Checklist

You will need the following.

  • 5000.1 CRV coins. You only need 5000 for your masternode, but do need a bit more to make the transaction and cover the fees.
  • Latest version of the CRV wallet – check the Crave website for the official version
  • 10 minutes of your time

Step 1 – Disable POS staking

In order to avoid your 5000 coins for the masternode to stake and break your setup, you need to make a change to your Crave configuration.

Open a File Explorer and navigate to the Crave data directory.

You can get to this folder by typing %APPDATA% and then following into the directory CraveNG.

There you find a file called crave.conf. Copy and paste the following values into it:


Save the file and restart your wallet.

If you can not see APPDATA – see this link on Microsoft for help. If you use an OS X wallet your directory will be in ~/Library/Application Support/CraveNG.


Step 2 – Create Receive Address

You need a new address to deposit your masternode collateral into. We generate this through the wallet.

Click Receive and type your masternodes alias into LABEL. The alias can be anything, we often go with MN1 or MN2. Then click Request Payment.

Copy the Address and close the pop-up window.


Step 3 – Transfer funds

Now you need to transfer 5,000 CRV in one single transaction to this address. The Crave wallet will add the fee automatically.

In the Crave Application select the SEND tab and follow these steps:

  1. paste the new address in PAY TO
  2. type 5,000 in Amount:
  3. click Send at the bottom left
  4. Acknowledge the fees and click yes.


Step 4 – Email NODEshare your Address

You will receive an email with the title “Crave Masternode Order Confirmation”. Simply reply to this email with your address from Step 2 in the message and send it back to us.

Step 5 – Configure your local wallet

NODEshare will respond with a completed masternode.conf file – it is the file you need to setup your end of the wallet.

You will need to open the Crave Folder in APPDATA. To reach this folder – start in File Explorer and follow the following path

This PC > OS (C:) > Users > Login Name > Appdata > Roaming > CraveNG

Paste the masternode.conf into the CraveNG directory and save it.

If you cannot see APPDATA – see this link on Microsoft for help. If you use an OS X wallet your directory will be in ~/Library/Application Support/CraveNG.


Step 6 – Restart Wallet and Start Masternode

Restart the wallet so the changes from the masternode.conf take effect.

Click the Masternode Tab. In there click on the alias, and then on start missing. A message will appear that the Masternode was started successfully. Happy Dividends!

If you get an error starting your masternode like in our picture, please continue to step 7.

Also Note: it may take up to 24 hours to receive your 1st stake. Please contact support, if you have not received your 1st stake AFTER 24 hours


Step 7 – Troubleshooting

If you get problems starting your masternode through the GUI, you will have to start it on the command line

Open your debug console, and type the following command

startmasternode missing 0

You should see a success message in the output console. Happy Staking