About Us

A little bit of history on how NODEshare came about

NODEshare launched in June of 2017, when notoriously non-technical Cryptosandwich reached out to Longestline whom he had seen helping people with installs on the INSN Masternode Slack channel. With a small offer of 200 CHC to help install 2 INSN masternodes, Longestline soon realized how difficult the process could be for the non-technical together entered the Masternodes as a Service marketplace.

In October, Chiquita joined the NODEshare team to manage installation and support and has greatly improved a number of our processes along the way.
Our mission is “to make masternodes available to everyone” and we intend to continue to launch additional services and support resources within this niche that we’ve committed to.

We are entrenched in this masternode segment of crypto and have great appreciation for our clients and our crypto-friends and the crypto-friends we haven’t met yet.

Happy Staking!
Cryptosandwich & Longestline & Chiquita