NODEshare – masternode hosting made easy

The setup and configuration of masternodes can be tricky if you do not have much hands-on technical experience. NODEshare is here to help – we will guide you through the setup process, take care of your masternode coin wallet maintenance and upgrades and alert you when server upgrades and restarts are required.

Here is a full list of all supported coins.

Payment methods accepted

NODEshare offers payment through

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Masternode visual setup guides

We have a section with visual guides that walk you through your wallet configuration and steps required to setup your masternode. Each supported coin has an installation guide on our Setup Guide overview.

Masternode coins supported

We are constantly evaluating new coins to be added to our offering. We only support coins that we run ourselves and are confident to support into the future. Stability of the coin network and the underlying codebase are key to ensure you as an owner can get maximum profits from running a masternode.

Unsure which masternode coin is right for you? Find a comprehensive list of coins at Masternode.Online.